Everyone wants to know what the cost is going forward, with each project requiring a completely different set of works we have tried outline what could be expected based on what needs you may have. This is only a rough outline with which you can get a quick estimate. Book in a time to chat and we can put together a quote.

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After our consultation we will build a quote and a pricing schedule that will work for both of us, depending on the size of the project we offer Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly and Full payments.
Website Design and Build
$3200 + per project
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
$300 - $1200 /mo
Google my Business Optimisation
$200 - $500 /mo
Google Reviews (Local SEO)
$70 - $350 /mo
Tracking and Analytics
$50 - $200 /mo
Content Management
$50 - $300 per article/blog
Photo and Video
$250 - $5000 per project
Ads (Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.)
15 - 25% of Ad spend + retainer $200 - $500 per month
Social Media Design/Management
$40 - $70 per post
Hosting, Security and Maintenance
$70 - $300 /mo
$1700 - $3200 per project
Illustrations/Graphic Design
$250 - $2000 per project