May 18, 2021

We spent months looking for a solution that would allow us to add real-time search and dynamic filtering to our client's websites, there were a number of solutions but nothing that worked the way we needed nor that would be within the budget for most of our clients.

It got to the point where we had to stop wasting time looking for a solution and start building our own... strangely enough, as soon as we stopped looking we stumbled upon

Jetboost turned out to be exactly what we were looking for it worked just as we wanted, was a breeze to set up and implement and just to top it off, it was affordable, more than affordable, the value of Jetboost far exceeds the cost.

When implementing Jetboost into a website it will walk you through each step of the way with easy to follow instructions and short videos, once each step has been completed it runs a test and checks that everything is working correctly before being able to move on.

There is only one thing better than Jetboost itself, and that's the guy behind it all, Chris and his customer service, it's world-class, we stumbled across a few little problems (Often of our own doing) and within 12 hours of speaking to Chris, he had either fixed it on his end or told us what to do on our end, it's the customer service and support that Chris has shown that makes Jetboost so much more valuable than the small price required to use it.

If there was one thing we really wanted to see was the ability to create a price slider that could filter out items based on the cost, after speaking to Chris he advised that this feature was in the plans, although there was no indication of when it would be available we are more than happy to wait and use the already amazing features already on offer.

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